Friday, August 8, 2008


Round and round in circles,
Wandering in the sands of time,
Beginnings blurred,
And no sense of a resolution.
Is that your fate?Set your sights on that hill yonder,
Unburden yourself at the next oasis.
Set your tents up,
Live your life.
Nobody knows what tomorrow brings.
Death perhaps, or more desolation.
But you can bring meaning to today
By embracing today’s fears today,
Not pushing them to tomorrow.
Walk away from the mirages,
Cease your desert wanderings,
Take comfort in what you have here now,
My child.
And if it’s not enough, till, sow and weed.
Nothing comes from yearning for the non-existent.
Look up at the sky, my daughter.
What do you see?
The stars laid out in perfect order
To show you your way.
But, my daughter, tell me truthfully,
Are they not the same heavens
That our sisters in the South see when they look up?
The perspective may vary,
The constellations too,
But it’s all one universe.
You believe you’re setting your hopes high,
Crossing the limits,
When you journey Southwards
Beyond the places we all know.
But, my child, it’s the same world.
In the South, the sun rises as surely as it does here.
In the South, people love, lose and mourn.
In the South, your heart will stir and your feet will grow restless;
You will yearn for us in the North.

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This work is licensed to Rose Kahendi under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported License.

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